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A hardware device that mechanically joins two or more objects together. Ba Industries Limited is a manufacturer of nails. Example, Jolt head, Flat head, Bullet head / common head, staples, roofing nails – plain & twisted, panel pins, cut tracks, roofing screws.

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Securing your property with strong and quality fencing. It covers the products, example chain-link mesh fencing, barbed wire, razor wire, fence post, round galvanized pipes, y fence post. A structure that encloses an outdoor area by mesh, wire, rails & net.

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Shutters, Grills & Doors

Ba Industries Roller shutters & doors are specialized engineered products which are designed to withstand heavy cyclonic conditions. Keeping in mind the technical & architectural importance, we have been providing the best quality & timely services to our valued customers throughout the south pacific region.

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It is an additional strengthening to your building (wooden / steel) by using fixing products. Nail coils / Gang nails, nail plates, strapping, punched strapping, multigrips, brackets.

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A specialized OEM & ODM manufactured gravity tools products by BIL. It has the similar strength & capacity which do have Australian products but at an affordable price. It is an excellent gravity tool product.

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Hardware & Building Materials

General building material & Hardware which is used for construction. Building industry and day to day basis usable items.

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